Day 14

Day 14
A bunch of leggy tulips.
Day 14 of 100 days of doodles.
I was lacking inspiration for todays doodle, when I saw the bunch of rather sorry looking 2 week old tulips in my living room. I love the way the blooms get so leggy and contort themselves into strange shapes as they open, looking erratic, beautiful and rather wild. My 15 minute timer was up before I could add much detail to the flowers, so this is rather more stylised than I originally intended, but it kinda works! I’m very into the colour combination of this 15 minute marker pen sketch. Perhaps it’s something I could explore more with watercolours and turn into a repeat pattern. I’m picturing a summer dress in a colourful tulip print, perhaps fabric printing can be my next side project combining my 2 loves.

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