Day 2

A colourful stylised tile
Stylised Tile sketch.
Day two of my self directed 100 day project - 100 days of doodles.
This sketch was inspired by the beautiful colourful tiles I saw in Lisbon when on holiday the week before last. My camera reel is chocked full of intricate patterned tiles, and I was itching to sketch them while away, but foolishly went on holiday without any art materials! I actually came up with the idea for this #100dayproject while walking around the beautiful Gulbenkian museum in Lisbon, the ceramics filled me with inspiration. 
Again I struggled with the ink markers with this sketch. It's difficult to get any detail with such larger pens, i'm used to a tiny paintbrush and lots of fine detail, so pushing myself out of my comfort zone is tough! Once I finished, I was rather critical about the sketch, I thought of so many reasons while I didn't like it, the colours don't quite work - the pale yellow doesn't quite fit, there's not enough detail, the sketch is too rough. But I need to be kinder to myself and stop being such a perfectionist, for a 15 minute doodle sketch it's fine. The idea was to just sketch what I fancy and not worry about it, so I need to remember that!

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