Day 3

Day 3
A collection of Tangerines.
Day 3 of 100 days of doodles. I'm feeling a bit better with the result here than the previous 2 days. I purchased the special Winsor & Newton marker pen paper and it's made the colours a bit more vibrant. The pens were still pretty scratchy and dry which is frustrating with a brand new pack of markers! 
I didn't have a plan when I sat down to do todays doodle, I decided not to use a pencil to sketch out the design this time, and it really helped me loosen up. Although a pencil sketch would have helped with the circle placement and make it less wonky! When I paint with watercolours, I usually just take a brush to paper without much of a plan or a pencil sketch to dictate where to paint, and this pen sketch was much more 'my style' because of it, so I'll continue just winging it for the rest of them! I managed to get a bit more detail into this illustration which was much more pleasing. I'm really enjoying the 15 minute timer aspect of the project, knowing theres a definitive end to the sketch and that I can't keep adding to it!
I was clearly inspired by the last book I read - the brilliant Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers (highly recommend if you've not read it!) the cover has a beautiful tangerine illustration, highlighting a key plot point! 

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