Day 4

Day 4
Marigold Flowers.
I may be tempting fate, but I feel like I may have finally got the Pigment markers to actually work properly! My second attempt using the special marker pen paper, and it seems much better. I actually managed to blend the colours together! 
I didn't have a clear plan, again, when I sat down to sketch todays piece. I just set the timer for 15 minutes and a marigold flower popped into my head, so I took pen to paper and this is what came out. I purchased some bulbs and bedding plants for my allotment today, so clearly had spring flowers on the brain! 
Overall i'm a lot happier with how this piece came out, compared to the first 2 days. This definitely feels more 'me'. I'm learning to lean into the loose, quick nature of the task, be less precious about my mark-making and to make my sketches less detailed than my usual paintings. 

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