Day 7

Day 7
Daffodil Pattern
Day 7 of 100 Days of Doodles.
I was contemplating what to sketch this morning, having already run out of ideas on day 7 of 100 - doesn't bode well - when I noticed the beautiful £1 daffodils I picked up with my weekly shop. I decided to sketch a pattern of flowers rather than a still life of the bunch and vase, as i'm finding stylised loose marks lend themselves better to this ink marker medium than attempting the detailed illustrations I create in watercolours. The super pale yellow of the blooms was hard to recreate on paper, so I ended up using far more bright yellow than intended to try and get the colour to show up on paper. It's quite difficult to pick out the line detail and overlapping petals in the main photo, so i've included a little zoomed in version. I had a few minutes left on my 15 minute time and decided to add a pale pink border around the edge, to make the yellows pop. I'm clearly still dreaming of a sunny spring with these colours and motifs! 

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