Day 6

Day 6
Ziggy The Cat
Day  of 100 days of doodles. I almost didn’t share this, and contemplated starting again with a different idea, but that would be going against the ethos of the project, to just create a loose sketch and post it anyway. For day 6 I decided to sketch my grumpy looking overweight rescue cat Ziggy Stardust. Once again I found it difficult to get any detail in the fur and face with such chubby marker pens but I persevered! Not pencil sketching first and being famously terrible at drawing cat faces, resulted in this rather wonky looking face, which honestly I hate. This is another one i'd love to redo in watercolours and add in the detail it's surely lacking, and take my time drawing the face without the time constraint of a 15 minute timer.
Here's the photo I drew from, look at his chunky little squat legs with those ridiculous huge paws! 


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